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Markerboards and Tackboards


Markerboards traditionally have been installed in schools, however, they have become very popular in restaurants, and in retail, particularly in the grocery trade. They are a hallmark in coffee shops, smoothie shops, restaurants or any establishment that has frequently changing menus and specials.

Markerboards provide more of a personal feel, than commercial retail signage, and they tend to lend themselves to greater artistic expression. Markerboards are are also more affordable option than the alternatives.


The Locker Lady also provides high quality tackboards to fit any need.  Tackboards, as well as many of our other boards, comes in a variety of sizes and styles to best match its use and environment.  Our tackboards feature premium posting surfaces that come in a variety of freestanding and wall-mounted designs.

Depending on the kind of tackboard you buy, you can tack up posters, paper announcements, or even create your own custom messages using plastic letters, numbers, and characters. Tackboards and chalkboards are a simple way to improve the organization and communication of any work space or locale.

With The Locker Lady’s chalkboards and tackboards, you no longer have to worry about losing important memos or having unsightly stacks of paper and notes, clutter your desk.

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